President: Sarah Min


Major: Biology

Class Year: 2018

Fun Fact: I have travelled to over 30 countries but never explored Canada.

Hi everyone,

I’m a junior Biology major hailing from the sunny, West Coast: Irvine, California. If you are ever concerned about freezing up in the middle of the Bald Spot during winter term, fear not! You can definitely survive by  wearing 4-5 layers of clothing. When I’m not dreaming about the wonderful spring weather finally breaking through the snow, I’m actively involved in the Carleton Art Society, volunteer at  Northfield Hospital, and sing in Bella Cantemus.

When I’m not running about on campus, I love to stream videos on Amazon Prime. Some of my absolute favorites are  Sherlock Holmes, Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Two and a Half Men, and Harry Potter. Feel free to reach out to me about any questions you have about MSO or being a pre-med in general!

Secretary: TBA



Treasurer: Fayzeh El Banna



Major: Biology

Class Year: 2019

Fun Fact: I can move my ears!

I am a pre-med, international student coming from an extremely developing country called Lebanon. My parents have suffered from the lack of advanced medical services for the working class, so this is a sensitive and personal matter for me. I was privileged enough to come to the United States, where resources are plenty, to continue my education. Hence, being a board member in Medical Supplies Outreach gives me the opportunity to contribute to reducing the sufferings of the less-privileged people by providing medical supplies for hospitals in developed countries.

Outside of academics, I spend most of my time chilling with friends or working out (dance, karate or just simply gym).


Publicity/Project Manager: TBA